It includes feedback about the seller. But the proof is in the use. This review is more about the cards than the Asus in general. Again, this opens up the possibility for more immersive gaming, but with a miniscule performance penalty when compared to using a CPU. If you’re feeling brave this problem can be fixed by sanding down the heatsink or “lapping” it as it’s referred to. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

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Cooling for the Radeon HD GPU comes care of the massive CuCore cooler – basically a larger copper block with an extruded aluminum heatsink surrounding it. Further note for those that do crossfire or SLI, that by having two cards together will not double the available memory.

ASUS EAH CUcore/G/2DI/1GD5 Specs – CNET

This review is more about the cards than the Asus in general. The problem can be fixed with a little patience and knowledge but you’re better off doing a return if your card is still under warranty. Thanks for your time.

Maximum PC had this card listed as Best of the Best for low price graphics card, as of November All of AMD’s Radeon series of graphics cards share a number of new technologies, the most important of which is support for DirectX Yes this card is Blue-Ray and Windows 7 compatible.

It includes feedback about eaj5770 seller.

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For me it is no problem as my tower has lots of internal space hence the name tower. This will play a big role in desktop applications that harness the power of a PCs videocard, as well as enable games programmers use the GPU to compute things like physics and AI. Good card, bad heatsink Other than that, no problems. Why is this review inappropriate? Unfortunately the heatsink on this thing leaves more to desired.

ASUS EAH CuCore/2DI/1GD5/A PCSTATS Review – ASUS EAH CuCore – Replacing the Old Guard

PCI Express x16 2. This card can drive both old style 4: Side note my entertainment system doesn’t have a HDMI yet so losing my s-video kinda sucks but i look forward to getting a HDTV now so that should be a plus some day. The heatsink is cooled by a modestly low noise fan, which in tern is covered by a plastic grating.

Both videocards have around 1 billion transistors, stream processors, 40 texture units and 16 raster operators.

Tessellation is a method of adding density and complexity to a 3D mesh. It is also has ATI CrossFireX Technology which means Eah7570 can run two 2 of these puppies and link them together very nice for the multi-monitor environment.

This latest revision to Microsoft’s graphics hardware standard brings two major additions to the DX11, tessellation and compute shaders.

Thanks to the increase in memory speed the memory bus can be shrunk from bits down to bits as well. Only requires a 6 pin power connector in the back, and the card is good on power consumption.

Max resolution on my system is X wowhowever the reported max res is x Best of all, you’ve achieved modest nirvana without forking over hundreds of extra dollars.

The design of the Asus EAH CuCore videocard’s cooler doesn’t push air out of the back your case, so it’s a good idea to have an internal fan set up to push eh5770 out of the back of the case. Most have at least one or two, but make sure you know what your cards has to offer.

As for ASUS, they have a good overall company with the option to download there software which ccucore for voltage mods and overclocking further than that of the AMDs. Skip to main content.

Extreme DirectX 11 Gaming Experience with 5.8oz CUcore

I must agree with them. Displaying star reviews Show all.

But if you come across an issue where the card gets incredibly hot Mine was reaching temps cucoer c until I lapped t he heatsink. I will probably find a GPU cooler aftermarket, but other than the heat problem the card devours any game even dx11 like dirt2 and bc2.

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