Wacom Products Pen tablets One by Wacom small. Features Inexpensive high-quality USB graphics input tablet and pen Gives a massive boost to productivity for photograph retouching etc. Your current account will not be available in the language and region you have selected. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Drawing, Testing, and Conclusions Wacom has been producing drawing surfaces for the better part of two decades, so even the inexpensive Bamboo Connect works reliably. The stylus is pressure-sensitive so you can simulate pen and brush strokes in supported software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, and you tap to left-click or use your index finger on the rocker button near the nib for a right-click.

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Take a digital journey Painting, drawing, sketching: Once you’ve tried using one in Photoshop, you’ll never go back to a mouse again! It is perfect for digital drawing as it comes with a specially designed pen that works with the ultra sensitive tablet, which wacom bamboo ctl 470 has a wacom bamboo ctl 470 pen holder to store your pen reducing the risk of loss or damage to it.

Other useful abilities include being able to lock the pen to one screen with the press of a button – useful for multi-monitor setups.

Wacom CTL-470K-EN Bamboo Pen Graphics Tablet

It includes Autodesk SketchBook Expressand is the subject of this review. Wireless Power Is Coming. Wacom bamboo ctl 470 reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Please ensure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled.

Manufacturers normally create tiered product lines to give more demanding users incentive to buy the higher-priced models, but in this case it’s tough to come up with a compelling reason to buy the Connect.

If you’ve never used a drawing tablet before, be aware it takes some banboo. The Intuos pen tablet makes it easy to turn wacom bamboo ctl 470 photos into beautifully creative photo books, cards, crafts, or projects, right on your computer. You can also use the tablet as a touch pad, wacom bamboo ctl 470 with multi-touch gestures such as wacom bamboo ctl 470 and minimise all applications.

With a mouse, if you move it slowly, it will cto more of your actual desk or table to bring the cursor from one side of the screen to the other, depending on how you have the mouse sensitivity calibrated. The Best Amazon Alexa Skills. Otherwise, position accuracy remains about the same as before, which is to say good, if not quite as crisp as the company’s higher-priced Intuos and Cintiq lines.

Due to data privacy laws, switching to the language you have chosen will automatically log you out. Wacom admits this in the advertising copy, by saying the Connect is for sketching out ideas and collaboration, rather than drawing.

Bottom Line The Wacom Bamboo Connect is a low-priced drawing tablet that, sans eraser, feels artificially crippled when compared with the prior version. Easy to use and great value – a fine alternative to a mouse.

Product support

See Also Ultra Grade Products. This time around, you can detach the USB cord, which helps if you need to move the tablet on your desk for some reason, wacom bamboo ctl 470 there’s no wireless option on wacom bamboo ctl 470 lowest-cost version. All told, the Bamboo Connect’s lack of multitouch and the eraser are big downsides, ones that essentially remove its ability to work as a drawing tablet, or 740 a proper mouse or trackpad substitute. Otherwise, you’ll constantly select text in other windows or move desktop icons around by accident, unless you’re extremely careful I couldn’t pull it off.

Take care of the special images.

Image 1 of 3. Keep an extra pen on hand for your One pen tablet.

One Wacom Small | Wacom

ba,boo View All 5 Photos in Gallery. Even though it’s a consumer tablet, one of our professional designers was perfectly happy wacom bamboo ctl 470 it for a week – the only real wacom bamboo ctl 470 was that the tablet’s touch-sensitive area is only about half the size of the tablet itself, so you can sometimes mis-tap the stylus on the dead space around the tablet’s edge. The Create also adds bambpo eraser to the stylus, and you get a copy of Corel Painter Essentials 4.

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The multi-touch gestures work better on a Mac, as such gestures are better integrated in OS X, but they’re still useful on Windows. Fastest Mobile Networks Wacom’s latest graphics tablet is a budget model aimed at consumers rather wacom bamboo ctl 470 professionals.

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Drawing, Testing, and Conclusions Wacom has been producing drawing surfaces for the better part of two decades, so even the inexpensive Bamboo Connect works reliably.

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