Hits a little off the heel or toe still felt quite hot and solid at impact. The move to all Ti was a step in the right direction in terms of sound. I’m pretty sure my flex is correct my swing speed is Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. My ss is anywhere from very low 80’s, topping out at mid 80’s. Nike Sasquatch Sumo 2 Driver 9.

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Good condition with normal wear see pictures.

The Nike engineers must have went right after these two specific areas, because both are vastly improved. I am mostly self taught, and spend far too much time messing around with nkke golf equipment. I also really liked the Nike model but the was more forgiving. I finally gave up trying to get this driver to be as long as the sumo.

The club arrived on time and the condition was as stated in the advert. Slightly similar in pitch to the LD Cobra, but with less hollowness. If you are looking for a very easy to hit driver suumo still pokes the ball out there a ways, go get your hands on one of these clubs.

Nike SQ Sumo2 Driver Review – Golfalot

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Longer and straighter qsuared that my swing is “fixed”. Potentially this should allow you to save strokes throughout the round and the consistency of your drives is plentiful compensation for the slight distance lost. The Nike Sumo Squared driver comes with a stock Diamana graphite shaft custom designed for this driver.

Nike SQ Sumo Squared Driver –

The SasQuatch Sumo Squared has a deeper face, a convex crown and redefined body shaping to increase ball speed and accuracyMulti-Thickness Face. Posted 04 April – Sumo2 in very good condition. suom

I see you use the sumo2 Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Yes! Nike Sumo2 9.

I’m hitting the ball a lot straighter now and ssq 20 yards more so great club i was iffy about the nikd shape but no problems with it now i could never hit a 9. Subscribe If you’d like to get the latest golf equipment reviews and information about free golf equipment give aways, please subscribe by providing your email address below.

Large and long clubs may feel clumsy in your hands, but the Nike Sumo driver is a rare breed, even among oversized drivers. However, this year they also offer a couple stock options at no additional cost: If the is at least 15 yards longer on a consistent basis, it’s a keeper. View other Nike products.

Nike SQ Sumo 2 5900 Drivers

I had a Ping G5 and liked it, but I had trouble hitting it straight, especially into the wind where I usually ended up hitting a slice. When you get the Trajectory in the right place the backspin should be ideal. I purchased one new in July at a military exchange and skmo it.

The crown has some small marks and nicks but still looks sqkared good see pics. Coincidentally, our first child, Sophia, is having her first If you’re looking for a fairway finder, hit this club.

The first round I only missed one fairway despite never hitting the driver before. Thanks to Tiger’s dominance on the PGA Tour throughout his career, Nike Golf equipment has become some of the most pursued in the industry. The entire clubface is optimized to maximize faster ball speeds from every point on the faceNike PowerBow Weighting Weight is repositioned to the farthest corners of the Nike PowerBow design, optimizing head stability and delivering ultimate accuracy.

Nike SQ SUMO Squared 5900 Driver Reviews

The alignment aid on the Sumo is also quite subdued. Hats off to Nike for a terrific club! I also have a MP with a x-stiff whiteboard coming in, so we’ll see.

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