Picture of grey model Sony MZ-N What do you think? Thank you in advance for your reply. Pulled the battery out and soldered the new one in without taking off the back cover. Then I disconnected the ribbon cable to the scroll wheel and the battery.

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MZ-N10 Battery replacement – Minidisc – Sony Insider Forums

Mz n10 design so light easy to use. The replacement battery has its own built in protection PCM and the functions continue to mz n10 as normal. Our site is not optimized for your current browser. Quality of a MP3 of players is much worse!

The jog-dial has also been redesigned, and is mz n10 on the left side of the unit; the dial still ma in ma the same fashion as on the N1. In one word LOVE it.

See here for photos admin. Because the battery already has its mz n10 protection module, it is not strictly necessary to use another effectively putting two protection circuits in seriesbut no harm mmz trying Mz n10 have done this series arrangement in a JVC XM-R70SL and it works fine. Did you find this review helpful?

The menus would be gibberish anyway unless you had a Japanese OS or some kind of Japanese mz n10 support. Built-in 3mm Lithium Ion cell.

I don’t think SonicStage 1. Picture of grey model Sony MZ-N Show More Show Less. mz n10

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Sony Support MiniDisc Portable.

Sony Net MD MZ-N10 Personal MiniDisc Player

Make no mistake – Sony has pulled out almost all of the stops to make this 10th anniversary model a special one – at least on the hardware side the NetMD interface still leaves a lot to be desired. I tried a single 33 minute track and the N10 ran at about 30x real time while mz n10 N ran When you add a track mark mz n10 the track mark button on the mz n10, you can hold the track mark button down for a few seconds to enter “REHEARSAL” mode and adjust the position mz n10 the track mark.

Sony has given the N10 a significant facelift, mz n10 with a thinner Li-ion internal battery, resulting in a unit that is incredibly light and incredibly thin. However if you can track down an English version of OpenMG Jukebox, you can choose to install just the N10 drivers the 2nd option from the included CD-ROM’s installation start-up screenand you will have all of the desired functionality including the faster download speeds.

Further thinning of the magnesium case.

It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. What’s NOT new in the N10? Internet Explorer Download b10 latest version. While we’re on the note of precise track-marks, let me note that if you want to do music loops, you still must place the N10 into 1-REPEAT before you mz n10 playback of n0 looping track; if you enter 1-REPEAT mode during playback of a track that you want to loop, there will be an audible gap at the first mz n10.

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mz n10 Sony Mz n10 MiniDisc Recorders. With a 64 minute album of Miles Davis, which contains 7 tracks, 5 of which are about 10 ,z long, the improvement over the MZ-N was a factor of about 1. Babelfish courtesy Peter RavnTranslingo. More about this on Page 7 of mz n10 review This is a very cool feature that is a first for Sony portables Aiwa portables have had this since the AM-F5.

Posted November 25, Write a user review Ask for a user review. Where you located at Thanks so very much! Thanks to the last updates of the software of Sonic Stage quickly enough it is possible to convert files of the wave format, a MP3 and also quickly to write down on MD.

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