I have rarely used a mouse since. After my disappointment I decided that I would just purchase my own mouse for comfort. Which is the best PC trackball mouse that allows the trackball to be operated with the fingers, not the thumb? I occasionally play PC games,FPS etc,and I love what this trackball provides,in gaming and hardcore gamers will laff at peeps using a trackball lol. So I go and start looking at new ones, all of the ones I find are eaither a very un friendly design for your hand or use your thumb to move the ball….. I learned what ever is used for gaming is the best to buy. Bevil I sent an email over a month ago and also never got a response.

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I love my MTE It has been with me through jobs and has never failed.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

I wish I could have a couple of spares to bring to work with me. When you get the hang of it you should be able to do it without even marring the plastic noticeably.

Logitech and especially Kensington surprise me the most since they are in the market and could easily take the initiative to create the new top choice trackball. So little has to be done to the TBE 1. I normally do not post anything on forums, but I too am passionate over making sure we see a comprable mouse just like the TBE. If it is indeed a prototype, we might have a new Trackball Explorer version in our hands sometime soon. Could this be an actual prototype?

What is the best replacement for the Microsoft Trackball Explorer? – Quora

If we can generate enough press, we might get more of a reaction than venting on forums. I would cry if I lost any one of my two Microsoft Trackball Explorers!

Time to move on. The ball trafkball eventually becomes worn, if not dinged. Startup mode should mean that they actually listen to their customers. Every few months I search the internet for a new TrackBall Explorer — I know that someday in the near future Trwckball will be with out my favorite mouse.

Our kids have Logitech Marble trackballs trackba,l their computers since no Trackball Explorers have nicrosoft available at a reasonable cost for some time. Can also restore the shine on the red ball! Just to let you all know I am selling one of these on eBay…. Just opened my trackball to fix the right-click button. I see the price has also gone up where I bought it in the past week.

Here is a link to the Qball. I sent a message on http: Although the driver needs improvements, this device is even better than the TBE! There seem to be a lot of people talking about it here — you would think that Microsoft would pick up on this…. The one I explirer for work has probably logged over yes hours, and still operates like it came out of the box, minus rubbing wear on some edges.

The one versions are apparently early versions. I acutally spoke with a Microsoft rep. If I had known that the TBE was going to disappear 5 years ago, I would have purchased 10 of them so I could have a lifetime supply. I have a couple of thoughts: The MS Trackball is infinitely more comfortable for my hand!

We still have one of them operation and in use. Anyways, Microsoft is nuts for not making this mouse.

All those corporate contracts to help stop RSI… How easy is it to fit new steel balls? I don’t want another mouse, I want the same teackball.

The left mouse button is pretty gummy as well. Does anyone know why such small amounts of shmutz makes the TBE stop working?

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