Ordinary alkaline or carbon-zinc primary cells could be used for daylight photography and during storage to keep the camera’s internal clock running and preserve settings, but they had excessive internal resistance and insufficient current capacity to power the camera when the photo flash was in use. Cameras in the DC series were manufactured and sold during the mid-to-late s and early s. While some digicam owners have experimented with slave-triggered external strobes, the DC’s ability to control the lens aperture independently puts its flash capabilities into an entirely different league. It only holds 11 photos at its best quality and 30 something at its lowest setting with the factory memory card. This was quite distracting, and would be an impediment to photographing moving subjects.

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To offset the long warm-up time, I found it best to leave the camera switched on, setting the auto sleep timeout to its longest five minutes and flicking the zoom control occasionally to keep the camera awake. Fc260 by Stephen Shankland 10 days ago. I must say that this camera was great in its time. Date and time stamping is nothing new although usually the location within the frame is fixedbut the DC goes one better, allowing you to create a watermark of your logo kodzk other graphic information that can be applied to every picture, the same as the text or date message.

The DC contains both a microphone and speaker, so you can attach sound directly to any image file. As CCD quality has improved, long exposure times have become practical for inexpensive digital cameras.

Settings available on the Burst screen include the resolution images are to be captured in, the number of frames per second to be captured ranging from 12 fps to 0. Olloclip has new pro and entry-level lenses for your phone One of the top names in phone camera lenses now has options for those who shoot a little or a lot. The DC is clearly not intended to be a “pocket” camera though, weighing in at a hefty 1. Best Selling in Digital Cameras See all.

Kodak DC DC MP Digital Camera | eBay

By Paul GaeckeJan 15, This displays a “filmstrip” of 3 consecutive images along the top of the LCD screen, with the center one highlighted and also displayed as a slightly larger thumbnail below. By Unknown userFeb 19, The camera indicates when it is busy processing prior images and not ready to acquire another by flashing the green LED next to the viewfinder.

Like a computer, the ‘ now needs to “boot up” prior to use, in order to set up and initialize kodao various elements of its operating system.

For convenience, the top-panel options are arranged in approximately the order of likelihood you’d need to access them, with flash settings given highest priority, followed closely by exposure compensation. The compression setting can be overridden by the top-panel picture-taking controls, and may also be set via the Capture Mode screen, while picture size is available only through the back-panel Still or Capture Mode screens, and not via the top-panel controls.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Despite all these shortcomings, the DC has one immense saving grace — indeed it is its crowning glory — superb 1.

Review Mode Menu Options When in review mode, the back-panel menu system offers 3 menus kkdak setting configuration options: They only need to be in the correct format.

Given the very large file sizes the DC can produce, we strongly recommend purchasing the optional PC-card adapter, and equipping your computer with a PC Card reader if it doesn’t already have one.

It continued to use Kodak’s KDC kpdak format. This is a quite good digital camera of old ages, nice picutres and quite easy of use.

Kodak DC digital camera (Chip Shop 12//99)

This also helps because, if you turn the camera off or allow it to power down automatically, some settings are lost. Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page!

This large a quantity of images could be dv260 unwieldy, if your only option were the scrolling filmstrip interface we describe below under Review Mode.

The default is “multi-spot” autofocus, in which focus information is computed at three separate points within the field of koak, and the results averaged to determine optimum focus.

Kodak DC Series

The resolution of digital cameras for business and consumer use has now increased to the point — 1. I suspect this is a rarely used format for two reasons: This article does not cite any sources. Having thus proved that neither exact file dimensions or file-naming protocols are important, we suspect the issue has to do with strict adherence to the EXIF JPEG standard, which Photoshop 4.

Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 19, Power Power for the DC is provided by 4 internal AA batteries, or by an optional AC adapter than can significantly extend battery life if you’re doing a lot of downloads via the serial port.

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