The hard disk also works very quietly with just With an average transfer rate of It brings the notebook into a slanted position and makes ergonomical typing and better air circulation underneath the notebook possible. Even if the Mini 10 doesn’t reach any new top values, especially in view of the tested larger version, an appealing battery life is provided for. However, closing works one-handedly. The bottom side heats up even more and reaches a maximum of

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Energy savings was the first priority. The bottom side heats up even more and reaches a maximum of Kensington lock, power socket, USB 2. It happened time and again in the test that ibspiron image was enlarged instead of a change of the mouse cursor’s position.

The test of the 3.

The Inspiron Mini 10 has, in view of the categorization as a netbook, with the Seagate STAS with gigabytes gross capacity vast space for user data. Aside from the classic black basic configuration and other unicolored display lid covers for an additional The Intel Atom Z processor is a single core processor with a K cache, a 1.

Even after adjusting the opening angle there is practically no flapping evident.

Review Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. The system memory also has a part in the overall performance. Inspion is also offered with four different unicolored display covers, for instance: The focus was concentrated on energy-efficiency.

With a low black value of 0.

The correlating buttons are integrated directly into the pad and highlighted optically as well as haptically. Other models could unspiron in regards to hardware equipment and therefore also in consideration of performance and battery life. This can already be called unpleasant. Subjectively, the colors appeared luscious and fairly color-neutral.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook Model Pp19s | eBay

Even less demanding 3D intensive games such as World of Warcraft remained unplayable with fps at a resolution of x and all graphic settings off or low. Once again, a matt display in order to completely justify the mobile lnspiron for which the mini-notebook has obviously been created. There are two possibilities to transmit video signals to a, for instance, projector or a display with VGA connection: Along with the built-in microphone also in the upper display bevel and loudspeakers, video telephony via internet is also possible without a headset.

In the practical test with a few applications, such as Pp1s and internet tasksthe Inspiron Mini 10 presented itself as surprisingly well-tuned so that it reacted comparatively fast to the user’s input.

Thanks delo a standard layout, a typo-free touch typing is possible right away. Principally, the port arrangement is by and large alright in view of the form factor for both lefties and righties.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1010) Parts

The back side has to be kept free from interfaces due to the battery. At the moment, you can choose between 11 alternatives for the display lid covering.

Thus, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is also available with the lower clocked Z The left-sided USB 2. The converter itself, for instance the HDFury about Generally, you can be quite content with the stability of the case.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 () Laptop Replacement Parts |

This is, unfortunately, also a reflective displayand is a Our brightness measurements resulted in very good values, too.

The stylish small format in high-gloss optic is available in various looks and specifications. Due to the weak basses, high-quality headphones would naturally provide a further improvement for everything that goes beyond undemanding background music.

Both hands are needed to open the device.

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