Because of his popularity, he perhaps got more attention than he should have given his performance compared to other drivers, although that being said, he was a very engaging driver and a good spokesperson for the sport. Yet he kept racing, and oh yeah, he also won 26 times. He heard it as a grown-up, an accomplished career racer, every time he slipped into a winless drought on the racetrack — even those that were punctuated by tragedy or injury. Got his Cup ride because of his father, Dale Sr made him earn that ride, if name alone got Jr a ride then Kerry’d have a ride. The first time I saw Junior was nearly a quarter-century ago at Hickory Speedway. A third generation driver. A woman, shaking in her Intimidator apparel, told him, “I’ve always wanted to meet your daddy but never have.

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The feedback you provide will help dlae show you more relevant content in the future. Wedge I have to agree with you. Partly because of the media. He is not the most overrated of all time, not even the most overrated today.

NASCAR Cup Series: Was Dale Earnhardt Jr. both overhyped and underrated?

Who is the highest paid driver in Nascar? Start Now at wikibuy. Listen to Winter Glory, she said it all. When I read the question Kahne was the first driver to pop in my head. Another reason, imho, is because of the new fan base.

He was resolute and forward-focused. Any time you watch a race and “June-bug” is out front the race becomes the Dale Jr. Ok, just by going by the answers here 1. InI watched him shuffle uncomfortably alongside his father at the now-legendary “Countdown to E Day” announcement that revealed his father’s plans to move him into a Cup series ride. Even after his father was taken from this earth by racing, after his hero and blood and namesake damn near had his head taken off by the racetrack that made him famous — Daytona International Speedway — the son continued to try really hard.

NASCAR Cup Series: Was Dale Earnhardt Jr. both overhyped and underrated?

Why is Dale Earnhardt Jr. I wasn’t outraged by any of it because I also wasn’t surprised by any of it.

What’s the most overrated holiday? He actually won a lot of races in his career, especially earlier on. Numbers wise, Dale Jr has very similar numbers to Matt Kenseth, with the exception of the championship 3.

I have to say to Winter Glory yes he has the same numbers as Kenseth but no title, I’d give it to Junior in that matchup because Kenseth had the one good championship year he is a little overrated, however there are a lot of drivers racing right now better than him, he is on the best team in Nascar Hendrick Motorsports so there is no excuse for his mediocrity, he was the worst driver in the chase last year!!

What driver are Dale Jr. Fewer than have won even once. The thing to keep in mind is that he was a pretty decent driver. Is Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Did the communist east create the question mark to confuse the american citizens of things that don’t exist? This is about health and wellness and wanting to start a family. A red-faced race fan scrambled to the bottom of the grandstand stairs to press his face against the fence and scream, “You’ll never be your daddy!

Is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. the most overrated NASCAR driver of all time?

Is it mr fault? Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? How did Nascar drivers crash into wall? That never happened to Dale Sr.

I hope he knows that while fans will be wistful and NASCAR will bemoan the loss of its biggest star, the reality is that, at least for those of us who have been around him for all these years, the overwhelming feeling will be much like it was for me as I was shaken awake Tuesday morning.

These are not marks of the most overrated driver ever. If you attend almost any race however, you will see that over the last few years the Jr.

Following a nondescript top finish, after every other driver was gone, he sat on the back stoop of the team’s transporter and signed autographs for 30 minutes, until everyone was satisfied. You dismissed this ad.

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