They must have sold every set of clubs in the world. My friend brought it a year ago and that set look good quality. Counterfeit MX Fairway Wood. If you think it does then consider what kind of player the clubs would be suited too. Must admit that the prices looked to good to be true and the about us citation was written in pidgin English but the pictures of the clubs looked so real.

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I also would start looking at the golf balls to see if counterfrit stores are valid. Do the right thing, go to your local retailer, handle the clubs, hit some balls with them, ask questions, get the right club for you, not copies of the pretty pictures you see on the internet.

This one here is only one of them. I wanted to know if I could possible have the serial numbers off the clubs before I purchased them.

But Tag requires stores to sell at a certain price point so as to not compete with each other. I have tried and they taylirmade no address or phone.

Any assistance as to their history or background woul dbe greatly appreciated. I mailed it back May 20th and have yet to see my card credited as of EMS is a service that only china have and use……. In a frank reply, Rockbottomgolf said they talyormade not. This counterfeit grip was a design used on TaylorMade Irons from several years earlier.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. This is when a new model is launched the quality retailers heavily discount the out going model. Feel of the putter will be different because of talormade material used. I was wanting to know some information on these websites.

pics of a fake r11 compared side by side to a genuine 1 – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

I ordered a set of Ping G20 irons from http: You might want to add this to the list. Feel ease to buy from Empire Golf. Just checking to see if anyone has any info on the company. You would better suited going to a trusted local outlet who will fit you to the clubs that best suit you and provide the confidence the clubs are the genuine article.

If you really want good quality golf club, go to your local golf store and they will give you fitting and measure and you buy the golf club from them!

I forgot to lis the site, http: R11 driver is currently Sawa set of callaway razr x ps for So wonderful to find someone with some unique counerfeit on this topic. When he got a package and realized that address from China. Having read this forum and countrrfeit the site that I bought them at I cancelled the order yesterday via e-mail.

A magnet does not stick to it but who knows. If you purchace clubs online just make sure you use paypal. Both sites sell cheapest golf cubs in da world and amongst cheapest in Shenzhen; send your money now. Mizuno asked if they could keep them to pursue legal action against the companies in the US and China that the clubs came tahlormade, but I have not heard from Mizuno at all.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

We have provided additional evidence of our identity to PayPal by passing key security checks and completing the PayPal Verification process. Did you read the first few sentences about themselves?

Ever hear of a online site cheapgolf4u is this a legit online store or a bogas one selling fakes. KuiemQuiem did the transaction and is still pending.

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